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Self-Care: How I Prioritized My Health This Week

Updated: Mar 27

What comes in mind when you think of self-care? Reading a book? Taking a bubble bath? Treating yourself to a delicious piece of pie? Either way, it's safe to say that most of us know in one way or another what self-care is. We are great at telling other people to prioritize their own health, but how often do we take our own advice on it?

Many of my friends know that I am especially guilty of this. I tell them to rest when they are sick, however I often scramble to do my homework when I am ill because *gasp* what if I fall behind on my work and can’t catch up? I knew this was something I needed to (and still need to) work on. So, this week I challenged myself and made an active effort to take care of myself more. I hope by sharing some of the things I did this week, I will inspire you to pay attention to yourself more as well :)

Here are a few things that I focus on this week:

  • Starting with the basics, I made sure that I was getting at least 8 hours of sleep. Now, if I were being completely honest, my sleep schedule was definitely wack and off-cycle. One night I went on a Netflix Anime-watching marathon (specifically the Fate series; it's somewhat violent but I highly recommend it) and stayed up till 3 AM. Ops. Although, it still beats getting less than 6 hours of sleep and being a sleep-deprived zombie, so I call that a win.

  • I exercised more than I normally do, and went to a couple of parkour and Bollywood dance classes. A lot of people go to the gym, but I’d rather flip off of things and laugh when I (inevitably) mess up choreography than lift weights. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring folks.

  • I also made sure that I was eating enough. My stomach was craving pasta in particular, so that was the main thing that I ate this week. Now, before some people attack me for being an unhealthy vegan, I would like to add that I did eat my veggies. The pasta-to-vegetable ratio was 4:1, and since I ate at least 12 servings of pasta, I ate at least 3 servings of vegetables. Not to mention the amount of protein, oil, and fruit (tomatoes count) that was in/on the pasta, and the (added) calcium that I got from drinking orange juice. Check, check, and check.

  • I stayed hydrated. I drank lots of water (and mango juice. Mainly mango juice) and noticed that I was more alert and energetic than usual. 8 glasses a day really does make a difference.

  • I took a couple of baths (in addition to showers, in case you were wondering). No bath bombs or bath salts, just hot water. Nothing too fancy. This was a nice addition to my night routine, and improved my sleep quality quite a bit.

  • I meditated. I have been exploring Hinduism a bit and decided to try chanting (a few mantras besides Om/Aum) along with meditation. This was the route that I chose to take, but meditation does not have to be tied to any religion. How you want to practice it is completely up to you.

  • I focused on my breath. This came naturally since I was singing a lot (sorry parents and cats). I tried to breathe primarily through my stomach instead of my chest, which made me feel more at ease during the day. As a person who has been breathing since 2002, I didn’t think that I needed to work on my technique, but here I am.

That’s it! Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my blog. I truly appreciate it. If you enjoyed reading this article, come back next Sunday for a blog on developing confidence, which is also something that I am still working on (hehe). Until then, leave your comments below, and I’ll see you next week!

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