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Minimalism and the Art of Decluttering - Part 2

Updated: Mar 27

Hello! In this blog, I will share a few of my tips and tricks to incorporating minimalism into your own life. Feel free to use as little or as many of the following.

1. Set aside time in your schedule to declutter. Whether this is a full day or an hour over several days, make sure that you plan ahead and commit to the task. Do not give into thoughts of “I’ll do it later” or “I’ll find time to do it eventually”. This will only lead to procrastination.

2. Find an open space and some containers to organize your things into categories (ex: keep, maybe keep, trash/recycling, and donate). The location should be near the area that you are decluttering. If you must, temporarily shove some of your stuff in a corner or another room to create space for this task. If you do so, remember to return to the clutter later; the last thing you want is to clear an area only to create the same amount of clutter in a different spot.

3. Go by your instincts when you are sorting through your belongings. If there is a certain item that you either don’t use ofter or you think is relatively useless, put it in the donate, trash/recycling, or maybe pile. If you are unsure about whether or not to get rid of an item immediately, put it in a container and store it in another place (ex: a closet or basement) for 3 months. If it remains untouched for 3 months, consider donating it or tossing/recycling it.

4. Consider going digital to save physical space. This could involve buying ebooks instead of hardcovers, purchasing music on your electronic devices instead of purchasing CDs, or scanning documents onto your computer. As an added bonus, this will likely save you quite a bit of money and decrease your environmental impact.

5. Create a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothing that is relatively timeless and can easily be matched with other pieces to create several outfits. Typically a capsule wardrobe will consist of 20 to 40 items, which can be mixed and matched to form around 100 different outfits. A blazer, for example, can be matched with a variety of t-shirts, pants, and shoes. When building your capsule wardrobe, only keep pieces that fit well and make you feel confident; discard any other clothing that does not fit this description. Does that black dress constrict your breathing? Get rid of it. Are those boots a few sizes too big? Let go of them. That frequently worn black t-shirt that matches practically everything in your closet? Keep it. That red dress that makes you glow and feel like royalty? Hang onto it. If you want a goal to aim for, I suggest looking into Project 333, which requires one to wear 33 clothing items over a 3-month period.

6. Find a friend to help you tackle your clutter, or simply tell them about your decluttering plans. You are more likely to act on your decision if you have someone holding you accountable for it.

7. Apply minimalism to other areas of your life. To use finances as an example, you may consider investing your money in a few, higher quality items as opposed to many lower-quality items, which will likely save you money in the long run. You may also choose to put your energy towards a few activities per week to simplify your schedule, or spend time with a few people to build stronger relationships.

8. Reward yourself once you have conquered a portion of your clutter. Decluttering involves an immense amount of time and energy, so remember to treat yourself (preferably through experiences, such as watching a movie or going out to eat with friends, as opposed to shopping), as this will fuel your motivation to continue to tackle the clutter. Avoid comparing yourself to others as well, as this often leads to dissatisfaction and distraction. Everyone’s lifestyle is different, and likewise is their collection of things.

That’s all! I hope you found this article helpful. Come back next week for a blog on self-care and my own journey towards prioritizing myself. Feel free to leave questions in the comments, and I will try my best to reply to them. See you next week!

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